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Welcome to CoastalRentalResource.com: Myrtle Beach Rental Equipment

The short story on the creation of the Coastal Rental Resource business goes like this:

The owner Bob McCarter, a Vietnam veteran, saw a unique opportunity after living at the beach for 10 years. Bob visited the beach very regularly and loved the area. He often saw families struggle hauling so much equipment in and out of their hotel rooms. The solution was how could Bob help more vacationers at the beach. Also, how can he help make vacationers enjoy their time even more, especially with their families. As a result Bob starting providing many quality cribs, grills, and Myrtle Beach rental equipment for rent. After 5 years of serving the Myrtle Beach area, the business is still growing.

The Myrtle Beach vacation market is strong and more people visit the area every year. Demand for renting Myrtle Beach rental equipment is definitely evolving. Even more so Coastal Rental Resource looks forward to new visitors to the beach every year. If you are coming to the beach in the summer plan accordingly. Therefore, submit your order today. Coastal Rental Resource’s one goal is to help your vacation be the most enjoyable possible. We have a proven track record of supplying and delivering beach rental equipment for over 5 years. The staff here at Coastal Rental Resource are all knowledgeable local professionals. Staff frequently travels along Myrtle Beach all summer long delivering and picking up orders. Therefore, we work directly with beach rental agencies, local businesses, and vacationers alike.

Give us a call today at 843.235.0423 or click here to contact us today. Provide your detailed description of your all your beach rental needs.

3 Great Reasons Coastal Rental Resource Is Your Solution:

  1. We can timely deliver your beach rental equipment upon or before your arrival! Why not be hassle free knowing that your crib, beach chairs, umbrella, gas grill is already waiting for you.
  2. Our staff is experienced and proven in providing the best service possible to all our customers. If at any point you need additional equipment or unhappy. Please let us know. We are here to assist you.
  3. Your vacation is important to us. Coastal Rental Resource provides vast array of products and services for your vacation. Also, all of the equipment is just like new. 

Thanks for visiting Coastal Rental Resource.